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T-DJ Milana

Meet Julia, better known as T-DJ Milana. Born in Ukraine, a land famous for its chill beauty and glamour delicacy, Milana is one of the dance club scene's brightest stars as a topless DJ. Her unique style of performing, stunning moves, and intense sense of music make all of her shows mind-blowing.

Though Milana began her career as topless performer in 2007, she had a previously very successful career as a professional model.

At the age of 8, she had began to practice all kind of dance types – from latino to hip hop.

As a teenager, the young Ukrainian girl met DJ Viniloff with whom she formed the highly successful project “Quattro Hand’s Stuff.” This opened the gates to Milana’s musical career and inspired her to become an independent DJ.

Very quickly, the Naked Ambition became one of the most popular woman DJ’s in Ukraine, Russia, and the former Soviet Union Republics. Her performances make use of a variety of exotic animals, fire shows, pillar dances, and, of course colorful and sexy outfits hand-made by Milana herself.

In 2009, DJ Milana started a two-month tour in the elite clubs in Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia, which boosted her popularity. Afterward, Milana was invited as special guest at the biggest TV show in Bulgaria, “The Late Show with Azis”. In fact, in 2009, Milana completed 97 performances, special interviews, and guest appearances on famous radio shows and TV programs.

In 2010 the talented T-DjMilana got a great new look. The passionate blond girl become a sexy, stylish brunet. With a new image, she developed new projects and ideas. On her birthday, February 12, 2010;Milana performed her own track with a massive club event. In March the video clip for the new single started the producing carrier for the true temptation, presented on famous Slavi Show in Bulgaria. A week-long tour in Indonesia, repeated 2 tours in Bulgaria, Russia, full of energy and variety of new performances, boosted Milana to new heights of musical and performance achievement.

2011 had been an amazing year for Milana. The first single from her album, "Feel, Real" was supported from Flash Brothers, Armin van Buuren, DJ RAP, Jesse Voorn, DJ Observer, and DJ DLG, to name a few. Paul Oakenfold featured her in his Perfecto Podcast episode 094 and James Grant in his Anjunadeep Radio show. At the end of 2011 she was voted #1 Topless DJ in Ukraine for 2011 from prestigious show business online portal

Now, T-DJ Milana is known in more than 15 countries and her extraordinary style has made her welcome in the biggest clubs world-wide. In 2012, she plans to release her first artist album and present it to all the happy people of the world.