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Miguel Lara

Miguel Lara was born the 13th of February 1985 in San Roque (Cádiz). He started to play the violin when he was 9 in the school of music “Muñoz Molleda” in La Línea de la Concepción, Cádiz. In 2003 he went to Granada to continue studying. There, he started to feel a special interest for the different music fusion with his violin. Two years later, he passed his instrument exams with great qualifications and started the Superior Level.

In 2006, he began to play House music with an electric violin, and in December of that year was his first appearance as a House musician. Since then, he started to move around Spain. Also, that year, he recorded the string arrangements of the song “Sin Hablar” with Pablo G. In 2008, he arrived in Madrid to learn jazz and improvisation in the Music Creative School.

Nowadays, he´s focussing on his professional career as a House music musician, music producer and applying his knowledge to different styles including jazz and flamenco in Madrid, where he has his music laboratory for composing and creating.

He has performed with very important international DJs like John Jacobsen, Marien Baker, Randy Garcia, Ruben Moran, Pedro del Moral, Chris Lake, Deep Josh, Cesar de Melero, Taito Tikaro, Mikel Molina, Camilo Franco, Juanjo Martín, Hugo Sanchez, Dj Nano, Jp Candela, Alesso, Calvin Harris, etc.

Also, Miguel has worked in big companies like Cassagrande o Pacha Barcelona, where had a monthly residency in Funck Cherry´s party until its close.

Miguel has performed in Spain´s best clubs such as:

- Mae West (Granada)

- Pacha (Barcelona)

- Pacha (Ibiza)

- La Martina (Ibiza)

- Liberata (Madrid)

- Kudeta (Madrid)

- Passion (Torremolinos)

- Industrial Copera (Granada)

- Ohm (Madrid)

- The Imagen (Bilbao)

- Gaudi (Alcoi)

- Dreamers (Marbella)

- Eibisi (Barcelona)

- Gabana 1800 (Madrid)

- Ocean Club (Marbella)

- Ohju (Los Caños de Meca)

- CDLC (Barcelona)

In 2011 Miguel was resident in the famous hotel Ushüaia in Ibiza at Super Beach Party. Nowadays, he is the official violinist in the SuperMartxé World Tour and he collaborates closely with brands like Ron Barceló.

His music has crossed our border, acting in cities and countries like Dubai (Arab Emirates), Rabat (Morocco), Cannes (France), Wintherthur (Sweden), St. Moritz (Sweden), Zurich (Sweden), Paris (France), Salvador of Bahia (Brazil) or Dominican Republic.

Between his productions, he recorded “Boccacio”, a track with Juan Serrano feat. Miguel Lara. This song is included in Dr. Kucho´s remix and was a great success in Spain, Europe and especially in Italy where it has been at the top of the charts, being published in physical formats for different record companies.

Also, Miguel has published other tracks like “Mi paraiso” and “Sulay”, available in Beatport.

Nowadays, Miguel combines his solo project with “Amadeux”, a group featuring the singer Beatriz Villar and the producer Juan Sueiro; and with Riders On the Floor a new concept of live act with Dj Spam.